Preventive examinations

Have you noticed any new marks on your skin or changes in the existing ones? Show them to the dermatologist at the Derma centre Rogaška who will assess their condition using the dermascope and suggest any treatment or their removal.

Effective removal

There are many types of growths and each of them needs an accurate diagnosis. At the Derma centre Rogaška we attend to the examination and effective removal which is friendly to the patient and to the skin.

Acne treatment

The timely treatment of acne is of extreme importance for the future appearance of your skin. At the Derma centre Rogaška, dermatologists will attend to the condition of your acne, and they will advise you on the correct therapy and by using modern aesthetic methods they will eliminate the results of acne, such as scars..

Fresh, smooth and more radiant skin

The therapy using a fractional coagulation laser rejuvenates and nurtures your skin, repairs any undesired signs of ageing and helps to prevent them. The procedure at the Derma centre Rogaška is patient-friendly, quick, effective and appropriate for all skin types. The results are immediate and progressive, since the body regenerates the deep skin tissue.